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Unknown Michigan competition carved Green Wing Teal decoy. This was purchased in a collection of Michigan competition carved decoys all in the late 1970's and early 1980 era.. The decoy has one
sunken counter weight on the bottom, next to the keel, in order to make it float correctly in the water. A small amount of paint loss on the keel where a sticker may have been placed, other wise mint condition.


Unknown Michigan- Saint Claire Flats Drake Canvasback.The decoy has original paint with solid body stamping.
The right side has a solid knot and shows honest hunting wear on the head.. There is exceptional detail carving
to the head.. The keel and line tie have been removed.


Drake Readhead by an unknown Canadian Carver. A solid body working decoy with Quebec
influences. The decoy is in original paint with fantastic bill carving complete with the nail. The head
has fat cheeks with a slightly turned head. The right speculum has a very tight knot with about
two thirds being visible. The keel and line tie have been removed.


John Zachmann Hen Canvasback Decoy. This is an early solid body working decoy. This was made after the initial construction of his first hunting rig. I would estimate late 1950's to early 1960's construction. The decoy exhibits John's carving, stamping and fantastic head detailing The intricate carving on the bill is the finest of the Michigan carvers. The body has a blue coat of marine primer while the head has a coat of red lead primer. The red primer shows through on some of the painted head. The front right of the bill has a very small amount of wood loss and paint loss. The decoy displays well and would be a nice example of Zachmann's work. The keel and line tie have been removed.


Working Canvasback rig pair of True North Decoys by David Simandl. The decoys have been hunted but now have the keels removed for display The leather line ties have been left on the decoys. Both decoys have original paint. The hen has a line crack completely through the neck but is still solidly attached. and the body also has a few shot marks. Both have a few hunting rubs. The drake has a very small amount of discoloration from line wrap.


Ralph Johnston Drake Wigeon. A rare species with original keel and for Johnston. The decoy has some working repaint on the breast and back of the decoy. I believe most of the head and top of body to be original. A rare Ralph Johnston.


Loon Confidence decoy by an unknown carver. It was differently
used in water. All original paint with bottom weights removed.
My guess would be 1950's vintage. It has the typical dings and rubs
from being used.Nice head detail.


Hen Canvasback by Lloyd Natzmer of Essexville, Michigan.
Lloyd was born in 1919 and produced approximately 200 decoys.
Most of his decoys were divers. He made a few Mallards, Blackducks and Pintails.
This decoy has it's weighted keel and is in excellent structural condition.
The decoy has a light coat of black spray and has the usual hunting pictured. SOLD


Drake Redhead by Reg Bloom, Kingston, Ontario. Reg began his carving in the 1940's and carved mostly for himself until the quality of his decoys was recognized by other hunters. His decoys are very similar to Davy Nichols but more rugged with thicker bills and bodies. This is a great example of Blooms work.
This decoy has repaint on the breast but the remainder is 100% original dry paint.The leather line tie is in place but the swing weight removed.


Competition carved Redhead Decoy by Jay Polite. This is a fantastic hollow decoy carved in the 1970's for competition It has a 3/8" bottom board with no seam separation. The head and body has delicate rasping with detailed speculum carving and painting.
The decoy is in near mint condition.


Jim Kelson Redhead Drake. Original paint hunted balsa decoy with a few hunting dings along the bottom of the decoy that would not be noticable on a decoy stand. A very nicely carved snuggle head decoy.


Danny Scriven circa 1920's early 1930's Rig mate pair of Detroit River Bobtail Canvasbacks. The drake head is outstanding with a straight slope to almost the end of the bill. The head was painted with no eyes which really gives it character. There is a light over spray on the right side of the body and head. It's very light and I think it could be easily taken off. The decoys are in excellent condition structurally and in original paint. The decoys have been hunted and have a few dings and scratches. The hen has original eyes and both are branded "101" on the bottom and have original keels and leather line ties.


Frank Cummings, Harsens Island, Lake Saint Clare. Original Paint, solid body Black Duck. The head is attached to the body with a dowel and is showing maybe a 32th rise above the top of the head. The decoy has great feather stamping and obtains the original keel.There is a 1" scratch on the left side of the body and one on
the top of the head.


Charles Buchanan, North Augusta, Ontario. This Black Duck came from the Hugh Turnbull Collection and has never been rigged. The paint is all original and a nice example of Buchanan's work. There is one 1/2" dent along the right bottom ridge of the decoy as noted in the picture..


Ultra thin Hollow T.J.Hooker Coot Decoy.
I am not sure on the age of this decoy but it is painted and distressed to look old. It's incredibly light in weight and very well crafted.
My guess is that it was made at least 25 years ago.
It's a decoy that has a carved head that actually looks like a coot. A quality contemporary decoy.


Bill Ellis 1866-1950. Whitby, Ontario. Hen Green Wing Teal circa 1940's. A solid body decoy stamped 161 on the bottom. The decoy appears to have never been hunted and was a mantle decoy with no keel. Excellent original paint with the possible exception of the white on the lower part of the decoy. I have been told by one of the best carver in America that it is original but always have questioned it. I have had it in my collection for 10 years. You can be the judge. The decoy is structurally sound and has nice feather combing..


Dr. Frank Hubert hollow carved working Black Duck with bottom board,keel and original leather line tie. Dr. Hubert was a waterfowl expert that worked for the Michigan State University and also the State Department of Natural Resources during the summer months. The decoy appears to have been lightly hunted and shows very few scratches. The decoy is 100% original paint.


Thomas Schroeder Solid body Drake lesser Scuap came from the rig of Chuck Lozen, Pearl beach, Michigan. Tom Schroeder made a few decoys for Chuck so.he could use them as examples to fabricate his own hunting rig. This decoy has had it's keel removed. There are two tight cracks in the wood on the right side but no paint loss. There is a small amount of paint loss on the right side of the bill. The decoy is
100% original..


Ed Kellie (1883-1955) solid body 2/3 size Drake Bluebill. Kelly's 2/3 size were considered by many collectors to be his best decoys. The majority of Ed's decoys were divers. He lost his arm in a manufacturing accident. and refusing life time employment by the company went out on his own. He became a waterfowl guide and decoy maker. And he also was an excellent shot. The decoy has the well known "HY" Dahlka brand on the bottom.with the original weighted keel. The paint is 100% original with some neck filler loss on the back of the head. There is also a tight neck crack on the left side.

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