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Sepia color 2.25” celluloid mirror. The mirror is in very good shape for it's age with minor pin size spots of metallic loss. “IF” The dog stops to defecate while loosing the rabbit.


Celluloid covered split shot tin. Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Excellent shape with no foxing. 1920's vintage. SOLD


Master national American kennel Club post back pin. Gold plated brass.


Mid Illinois Retriever Club pinback. Sterling silver


Jacksonville, Florida Retriever Club sterling silver pinback.


Labrador Retriever Club enameled brass CNSS gold whistle pinback.  


Sterling silver Seattle Kennel Club first prize medal. 24 grams. Very nice graphics front and back but not engraved with the winners name.


Brass Magyar Vizsla Club of America Pinback.


Sterling Labrador Retriever Club pinback. Very nice quality pinback.

10 Amateur Retriever Club Memphis. Brass pinback 1.25” in diameter
11 Sterling silver Wolverine Retriever Club pinback.
12 National Amateur Retriever Club brass and sterling pinback.
13 Golden retriever Club of America sterling silver pinback. The retriever has a light gold wash and the pinback was designed by Richard Bishop. Call or email for price.
14 North western Iowa brass pinback. Nice design of hunter and dog shooting Pintail duck.
15 Ivory, gold, silver and diamond B.P.O.E. Fob. The elks tooth has a very nice patina and the fob is very well made. SOLD
16 Rare Sioux City, Iowa Gun Club ribbon. These ribbons are very hard to find and are seldom seen. This gun club was formed in 1894 and the ribbon is celebrating it's annual 10th anniversary trap shoot.
17 Fantastic diminutive 1.75'x1.25' sterling and enameled match safe. The dog is a German Short Hair holding a woodcock. Great item for matches or pills.
18 Pinback and newspaper article advertising the New York State Shoot. The shoot was at the Audubon Gun Club in Buffalo. The pinback is in excellent condition with full back paper. The pinback is made by Whitehead and Hoag
19 Original Sid Bell, Tully, N.Y. Beautiful sterling silver Canvasback 1974 pendent.
20 Gateway sterling silver flyer belt buckle. This was given to the 1956 winner at live pigeons. The buckle weighs 58 grams and is 1.5”x2.5”
21 Sterling silver hunting scene match safe. Excellent condition. SOLD
22 French 1881 medal for shooting live pigeons. A very large 2,25”shooting medal made of bronze. The medal weighs 95.88 grams with exceptional patina.
23 Remington brass shooting token used by Remington professional shooters. These were tossed in the air and shot with a rifle. Original and unused.
24 Dominion of Canada (DuPont) tie clasp. Made in brass,silver and 10k gold 1920/1930 vintage.
25 Sterling silver and ivory fob. A very nicely made elks tooth fob with oak leaves and acorns. I can't find any markings but with the patina I would guarantee that it is silver. Circa 1930's/1940's misc.
26 Victorian sterling pin. The tooth appears to resemble a tigers tooth but made of what appears to be a shell. Old metal pin and clasp.
27 Beautiful 59 gram sterling Houston Gun Club Trophy for shooting 50/50. The fork is inscribed on the reverse.”Houston Gun Club 50x50 Trophy 25th anniversary 1915-1940 Houston, Texas”

28 Exceedingly rare large Hercules Gun Club Trophy spoon presented to Bart Lewis. The front has the Hercules emblem and the reverse is inscribed” AWARDED BY HERCULES POWDER CO. TO BART LEWIS 164 STRAIGHT-LEXINGTON KY. 5-23-16”.The spoon weighs 63.grams of sterling silver.

29 Sterling silver Washington Gun Club Spoon. Nice detailed club emblem on the top of the spoon. The emblem has not been tested for content. The reverse is marked sterling. Spoons like this were given as trapshooting trophies. SOLD

DuPont Crow Shooting 1919 Contest Medal. A rare brass and enamel medal in excellent condition. This is a seldom seen medal. SOLD

DuPont mint original condition 1917 solid sterling fob with ribbon. The reverse is engraved with the winners name and date SOLD

DuPont original 1913 sterling silver gun club triphy fob. The ribbon is original SOLD

DuPont 1914 Long Run Trophy. A nice 7 run lader fob with runs from 55 to 122. All original. SOLD

Very early hand tinted lithograph of punt gunning. The lithograph appears to picture hunting in the low lands of the Netherlands around the 1870's. Printed on heavy stock and in very good condition for its age. SOLD

Dead Shot sterling and enameled fob with black ribbon. The ribbon has a few separations to the ribbon but its all intact. An excellent example of early American Powder Mills fob. SOLD

Erie County Conservation Society 1926 Pinback. 1 1/4 inch in diameter. Unknown Manfacturer. No paperback. Condition: Excellent.

Enameled Canadian Skeet Championship 1956 Pin. 1 1/2 inches X 1 3/8 inches. Manfacturer Unknown. Condition: Very Good.


Colt Western Branch 1925 Pinback. 1 1/4 inch diameter. Manfacturer Unknown. Condition: Excellent, no paperback. From the late John Delph Collection.


Buffalo Bill Celluloid 7/8” Pinback. This pin has it's original back paper and the celluloid is good. It has one small nick along the left side collier or rim of the pin. This is a very early late 1890's pinback.  SOLD

1934 Salt Lake County Fish & Game Association Pinback. This pin is 7/8” in diameter and never had back paper. The pin is in excellent condition.  


Rare Dewey Day Celluloid Fob. The fob is 1 & 1/4” in diameter and was compliments of Jacksonville Rifles and F.C.& P.R.R. Never seen another.

Beautiful sterling New York Retriever Club pinback.

Early celluloid pinback “At the Score Syracuse June 29 to July 4th.” This pinback shows a live bird shooter holding his double shotgun. Has the early Whitehead and Hoag back paper. Light foxing on the rim of this rare pinback.

Celluloid with metal back Simmons Gun Specialists Inc. Pinback. The verbiage used on this pinback was always used by Herb Parsons when putting on Winchester shooting exhibitions. 1950's vintage.

Brass blue enameled pinback with a Canadian Goose. The goose could possibly be sterling but not marked as such. “ Observe and report suggests early record keeping of the Canadian Goose. Possible jack Miner research or the research of the Greater Canadian Goose? A very well made pin.  

Sterling silver 1927 Public Athletic League sponsored by the Minneapolis Journal. These were given out to school athletes including competitive shooting events.  

Revillion Freres Furriers silver plated brass 1&5/8” Fob. “Revillion Freres Furriers “Largest Manufacturing Furriers in the world” “Thank you for your shipments” Chicago-New Your-Montreal-Edmonton”

Northwestern Hide and Fur Company Fob. Minneapolis, Minnesota Vintage 1920's.

National Rifle Association brass red enameled Gallery Sharpshooter Medal. Great piece for the 22 cal. Collector. SOLD

Savage Arms Co. Brass fob with great patina and traces of red and white coating on the headdress.  SOLD

Vintage late 1890's Smith Gun Club celluloid stickpin. S.G.C. Was located in Newark, N.J. The diameter of the pin is 1.75”

California Indians trapshooting long run pins. The California Indians Trapshooting organization was formed in the 1920's. They shot at the Del Monte Gun Club in Monterrey, California. These pins represent 25 and 75 straight target runs.

Womelsdorf gun club pin and ribbon. The ribbon is completely attached to the celluloid pin. Excellent original condition.

Rare war time Camp Perry National Match Tournament pinback. Large 2.25” pinback with excellent color and condition.

Original Winchester Mark 5 store advertising pinback.

Federal Turkey “Heavyweights” advertising pinback

Large 1.75” celluloid WW 1 Pinback. “Who stole the beer and who paid for it?” The 160th Indiana and the 3rd Kentucky. But the 12th N.Y. must have paid for it. The Schlitz logo is on the side of the box car. Must have been a big party!!

Public Shooting and Athletic League Trophy 
These were given to public schools to promote
shooting competition between schools.
These awards were given out by arms and ammunition
suppliers. Enameled sterling silver.

Felix Octavius Carr Darley (F.O.C.Darley) 1822-1888
Famous American Artist known for his illustrations and paintings. Considered by many to be Americas first illustrator.This plate is an original F.O.C.Darley engraving on stone. The engraving has great depth and emotion. The engraving was used to reproduce pictures for magazines like Harpers Magazine. One of a kind. Circa 1860's.

Early Peters 22 caliber stick pin.

Flyer token for one flyer at the Monaco Casino

World Championship at Live Pigeons. Sevilla, Spain

Sterling silver World Championship at Live pigeons 1950.

Brass enameled Gun Club pinback. New Mexico

World Championship at live pigeons. Barcelona, Spain-Pinback

Long Beach Gun Club lapel pin. enameled brass.
Long Beach, Nassau, County, N.Y.

Iver Johnson Celluloid Bicycle
Button Stud

Iver Johnson Bicycle Celluloid
No back paper.

Early Iver Johnson Celluloid 7/8"
Button Stud

Sterling Air Rifle Celluloid covered
sharpening stone

Pair of early stickpins. These are unmarked but
probably early Iver Johnson or Hopkins Allen

Federal High Power 22 stick pin

Winchester Token with some original finish.
The reverse says" Keep An Open Mind For New Ideas"

Brass trade token for the English
Gun Maker Langley.

Sportsman's Digest, Cincinnati, Ohio.Fob.
Has original leather strap with much
of the original finish on the brass fob.

Eclipse Target Pinback.
Metal lithograph.

Late 1890's silk Indianapolis Gun Club Ribbon.

The Western Cartridge Small Bore
Competition "Marksman" Trophy..
A very heavy brass fob with original
hanger and ribbon. Sometimes referred
to as the Western Annie Oakley trophy?

Whitney Rifle 1916/17 sterling P.S.A.L. Trophy
These medals were privately sponsored
by arms, ammunition and sporting manufactures
within the school system. A beautiful example
of a Public School Athletic League Trophy.

50th Grand American Handicap ribbon
and medal. These were given out in
1949. A 70 year old near mint antique.

Dover Bay Gun Club Lapel Pin.
1/2" brass enameled 25 straight.

Western Cartridge company Security Badge.
Unmarked but I believe this to be sterling.
Guaranteed to be 100% original.

Celluloid Hopkins and Allen paper clip

Brass/Celluloid Atlas Gunpowder Company Pinback
Because of an antitrust lawsuit this company
was spun off from the DuPont Gunpowder Co.

Jamaica Sporting Club Membership
Pin. Wilson Park New York.
Enameled brass screw back
lapel pin. Possibly gold filled.

Cudahy, Gun Club 25 straight
brass 1" Wisconsin Pin

Nacogdoghes, Texas Hawkeye
Flyer Club brass enameled Pin.

Very early Sacramento, California
brass token advertising shotguns.
Circa 1860's/1870's 7/8" diameter.

Sterling Silver Orange County, California
Gun Club pin.

Buffalo, N.Y. brass enameled
Lapel Pin.

Pennsylvania enameled Flyer
Association Pin

Jones Beach, Long Island, New York
Lapel Pin. Enameled brass.

Anaconda, Montana sterling silver
25 straight lapel pin.

Boise, Idaho Gun Club
Lapel Pin.
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