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Original Sporting Life List Of Entries for the 1902 Grand American Trap shoot at live pigeons. This four fold brochure list all 478 entries for the largest and last Interstate sanctioned event for shooting live pigeons. Names listed in the entries were Annie Oakley, R.O. Heikes, G.E. Crosby, C.W. Budd, J.P. Legget and Fred Gilbert and many other great old time pigeon shooters. Shooters also used professional names because pigeon shooting was becoming very unpopular. Names like Tramp, Chicago, Ill, Watertown Kid, Watertown S.D.,”Frank”, Norwok, Ohio, Lumberjack, Merril, Wisconsin and etc.

A rare piece of trap shooting memorabilia.


Full pad of DuPont trapshooting score sheets. Approximately 25 unused sheets.


Set of 5 Interstate Trapshooting average books. The dates are 1913,1914,1915,1916 and 1917. These books are very hard to find especially in this condition. The 1913 was the Interstate Trapshooting Associations first attempt to publish averages of all registered shooters. These are the only five that were published prior to the formation of the American Trapshooting Association. The 1913 edition is the most sought after edition but they are all hard to find. The 1917 was the first edition to publish pictures of shooters. This collection is being sold only as a set. All covers and pages intact.


The American Trapshooting Association's official registered tournament trapshooting averages for 1918.   This booklet is completely intact with a little discoloration on the edges of the front cover along with a small ink pen mark 1” long on the bottom left. Structurally excellent.


The American Trapshooting Association's official registered tournament trapshooting averages for 1919. This booklet has lots of great pictures of all those famous shooters of this era. The booklet is in excellent condition.


The American Trapshooting Association's “Official Trapshooting Year Book 1922” The price was 25 cents. A lot of money in those days for a publication about trapshooting. Lots of great pictures. Some discoloration and a few small pieces of paper loss on the front cover but nothing offensive


“Official A.T.A. Trapshooting Year Book 1923” The first average publication of the Amateur Trapshooting Association of America. The front cover has separated from the spine but intact. Back cover is missing. First 6 pages 1”x1” pieces of paper  missing from right hand corners.


Three Grand American Trapshooting Programs. All are in good condition
with no torn pages. The 1972 has pen telephone writing on the back
cover. The booklets are 1972, 1973 and 1974 which is the 75th Grand


Three Grand American Trapshooting Programs. The programs are for 1966, 1977 and 1968. All programs are in very good condition  .


Three trapshooting programs from the Grand American. The years are 1976, 1978 and 1979 which is the 80th G.A.H All are in good condition .


Two trapshooting programs from the Grand American Trapshooting Tournament. The two years are 1970 and 1980. Also includes an early A.T.A. Hall of Fame and Trapshooting Museum 21 page brochure. The brochure includes a biography of all the famous shooters.


Fantastic 1933 Grand American Handicap Tournament Program. The program has 30 pages and is in near mint original condition. The program is loaded with a lot of historical information about old famous trophies and where the various G.A.H. Tournaments were held.


Original 1936 Grand American Trapshooting Program. Excellent original condition with no tears or writing in the program. Twenty five pages of trapshooting history with a lot of great shooters of the era. The program has a view of the home grounds with 22 traps SOLD


Original 1935 Grand American Trapshooting Program. This program is in excellent condition with no tears or writing. There are great pictures of the officers of the A.T.A SOLD


Grand American 1934 Trapshooting Program. This program is in very good condition with a lot of great pictures of the great trapshooters of the era. The back cover has also pictures of all the women's champions from 1023 to 1933. The front cover has the men's Handicap winners from 1923- 1933. And the inside back cover has all the junior winners. An excellent piece of trapshooting memorabilia.  SOLD


Grand American Program for 1940. The program has some soiling but is intact with many fold outs of the grounds and shoot off pictures. The front cover about 1” of separation but everything is intact.  A great program for the price 


The 54th G.A.H.(1953). A small amount of soiling on the front cover. All pages intact. Pictures of the past president and where the past grands were held


The last G.A.H. At Vandalia Program. “The end of an era”


A Peters Score Sheet form the Pacific Coast Branch of Peters in San Francisco, California. The sheet is unused 10.5”X8.5”  

21 Envelope for item below. 21-168

Exceedingly rare 1900 Grand American Handicap Program at Live Pigeons. The shoot was held at Interstate Park N.Y. on April 2nd to 6th 1900. This is the only program that I have ever seen and included the original envelope (above) and application for the Interstate Association. The program is bound with string and has one small abrasion under the 1900 about 1/6th of an inch. The program appears unused and the color is excellent. The program lists the event and six pages of advertising including J.A.R. Elliot's picture advertising Hazard Gunpowder. There are 35 pages to the program. A very rare piece of Trap Shooting memorabilia  P.O.R.


1974 Amateur Trapshooting Association Report of Examination with Supplementary Data. These were given out to life members so you could see where the money went. The Association was very fluid in 1974 before the fat cats took over. They figured out how to reward themselves and cut back on those nice sterling trophies that once were given out


Original English lithograph of live pigeon shooting in 1822. The illustration is from the “Annals of Sporting” volume II, 1822. The lithograph is 7.75”X5”


The Sport of Trapshooting by Winchester. This 1922 edition covers all aspects of trapshooting in 96 pages. The booklet is packed with actual pictures of old gun clubs and famous shooters like Frank Troeh, Mrs. L.G.Vogel, Mrs. Topperwein, Adolf Topperwien, Fred Tomlin, C. Spencer,  J. Taylor and more. Also shown are examples of gun club designs and trap housed. This is a fantastic little booklet with no tears and very slight cover discoloration.           SOLD

26 Laflin and Rand 1898 Gunpowder Catalogue. This 31 page booklet covers the attributes of using Laflin and Rand Smokeless Gunpowder. It shows shot patterns and how the powder is made. The pages are in excellent condition with no tears but the cover show soiling.       

27 5”X7” photograph of the New York Athletic Club Clubhouse. The photograph was taken in 1950's. This photo give to me by the late Dick Baldwin. His writing is on the reverse.    

28 4.25”X6.5” cabinet card of O.R.Dickey. Dickey was the inventor of the Dickey Bird Trap and Clay Pigeon. He was also one of the best shooters of that era.     

29 The Sportsmen's Handbook circa 1887. This 45 page booklet has the Jenny& Graham Gun Co. Firearms and sporting goods stamp on the cover. It is in excellent condition. The back cover has the picture of the Belcher Automatic Cartridge Loader. This a fantastic picture of a state of the art shot shell loader in 1887. The book contains many pictures of what was available to the sportsmen of that era.  Excellent original condition. Nearly 125 years old.    

30 1882 Thread Wound Long Range Shot Cartridge Cases Brochure. This is the wildest brochure I have ever read. These cartridge cases were produced by H.H. Schleber & CO., and the  maker has three different variations for sale. One for 50 yards, one for 50yrds and one for 100 yards The two-piece construction is explained in the brochure along with testimonials from Winchester, J. Von Lengerke and many others. Several claim to kill game at 90/100 yards! All pages are intact some rolled corners and a few tears but nearly 130 years old.     

31 2.5”X4.75” celluloid note pad from the 1905 Grand American. The first two pages have been neatly written in German. The remaining pages are blank. The celluloid has a crack where it bends open and doesn't detract from the image. A very rare item that came from the late John Delph collection.      

32 The Interstate Association's Eighth Grand American Handicap At Targets Program. This event was held in Chicago in 1907. A great picture of the by gone era of trapshooting. The program has pictures gun makers, Dickeybird Traps/Targets and the fantastic trophies that were given away back then. It explains purse division options and rules back then.  The program is bound with string with no cover or page tears. The right corner has rolled corners.  

35 Hunter Arms Company 6”X8” 1928 advertising piece. This item shows the awards won with a L.C.Smith Shotgun from 1906 thru 1928.      


36 Hercules 1923 Gunpowder Book on hunting and trapshooting. Neat 50 page booklet about shooting and the formation of gun clubs. The book also contains at least seven examples of collectible posters of the era. Very good condition            SOLD

37 1952 Winchester retail Price list Booklet. The booklet shows the gun models and prices. A pigeon grade vent rib model 12 sold for 259.00.  The booklet has writing on the back cover. The signature is from Ronald Wilmer Stadt!!!!             

38 1939 Hand Book on Shotgun Shooting by The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute. The institute consisted of all the major arms and ammunitions of the times like Winchester. Remington, DuPont, Federal Cartridge and so on. The book covers the fine points of shotgun shooting 100 pages.    Staining on front and back covers,


Handbook on Shotgun Shooting. This is the 1940 edition.  This booklet has 99 pages of infomation about Skeet and Trapshooting. Excellent condition.        


Western Ammunition Price Booklet for 1935. This gives the wholesale prices for Western Ammunition. A total of 64 pages. A case of of trap loads was $20.00 for 500 rounds. The booklet is in excellent condition.     


Winchester Envelope of women hunting with a Model 12 shotgun. A unused envelope with foxing on the botom.     

44 July, 1890 Wm.R. Burkard Fire arms, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle, Etc., Etc. paid monthly statement.   

45 July 1915 DuPont Magazine. This magazine contains seven pages about the famous trap shooters like “ Jack rabbit Apperson, Mr.C.Morris, Tom Marshall and Mrs. E.L. Riley.

46 Used DuPont Smokless Shotgun Powders Score Sheet.   

47 DuPont Score Sheet  for Ballistite, Schultze and Empire Gunpowders. A hard to find score sheet in unused condition. Excellent condition for 100 years old.   SOLD

48 Unused statement for Chas. H. Gmehlin, Gun Manufacturer, Bloomington, Ill. Established 1857. Dealer in fire arms, ammunition and sporting apparatus.      SOLD

49 DuPont unused tablet of 20 plus  trapshooting score sheets.   

50 Laflin and Rand statement for a keg of rifle and Hazard Powder only 10.00  in 1889!  

51 Winchester advertisement given out at hardware stores showing the guns available in the 1960's.


DuPont 1909 Smokless Powder for Rifles and Revolvers Booklet. This 45 page booklet tells about the advantages of DuPont Powder.        SOLD

53 Buffalo Arms Co. Used 1897 statement      SOLD

54 A very hard to find Schultze Gunpowder 60 page miniature booklet the size of a shotgun shell. The booklet features testimonials of famous live pigeon shooters and small game hunters about the advantages of using Schultze Gunpowder.

Rare 1902 Shooters entrance badge to the last G.A.H.sanctioned Interstate Trap Shooting Event. The event was held in Kansas City, Missouri.
Annie Oakley Participated in the event. The badge number and E.C.and Schultze Gunpowder advertising on the reverse.
56 Hercules 1914 Gunpowder Trophy Fob.
This Sterling fob and ribbon is 100% original condition. The fob
has no engraving on the reverse but marked sterling..SOLD
57 DuPont Quail long Run Fob.
This fob and ribbon is 100% correct.
The shooters name in engraved on the
reverse and his longest run was 153 straight.
58 Old style brass enameled Alcan 25 straight
Shooting pinback
59 California Indians Potlatch Trapshooting
Origination. Enameled gold plated brass.
Lapel pin with screw back.
61 American Amateur Trapshooting Association
silver average medal. The medal has
winners name engraved on the reverse.
62 Atlantic Indians trapshooting Lapel pin.
The brass pin is for shooting 50 straight.
63 1905 Herron Hill Gun Club
original celluloid fob and ribbon.
This was their fifteenth annual
shoot that was held on Brunot, Island.
Excellent shape for 115 years old.
64 Canadian Indians Trapshooting Organization.
Thick sterling medal engraved Queens Royal Cup.
The shoot was in 1913 2nd Place.
66 Early Large brass 1.75" Monaco live pigeon award
from the De Monte Carlo Casino
The award is not engraved on the reverse with
the participants name SOLD
67 Rare Schmelzer Sporting Goods Store third
annual trapshooting Tournament 1897.
The ribbon has an attached original
Hazard Gunpowder paper label. Schmelzer
was a promoter of trapshooting and was the
largest sporting goods store in Kansas City.
68 American Amateur Trapshooting Brass Medal.
This medal was given out to members that
had a 75% average The medal is engraved on the
69 1906 Enameled gold plated brass Clay Bird
Championship Trophy. Presented by the Business
Men's Club of Woodsdale Park.A large 2&7/8"
72 Brass trapshooting fob. No engraving on reverse.
Circa 1960's
74 Empire State, New York Gun Club.
Enameled sterling 1.5" diameter
75 Sayles Hill Gun Club, Rhode Island
celluloid 2.25' celluloid diameter
77 Sporting Arms and Munitions Industry
enameled brass long run trophy.
78 American Trap Shooting Association 1920
brass Long Run Trophy with original
black ribbon.
79 Rare Patented 1890 Boston Target Company
Pigeon. Very unique to have survived. Refer
to page 37 of Trapshooting The Patriotic Sport
1918 edition.
80 Western White Flyer sleeve of 15 original
clay pigeons. They are in the wrapper from
the case they were shipped in.
81 Vintage Comet Clay Pigeon.
82 Early Herters 50 straight
Sterling trapshooting Pin.
83 Very early 1900's Iowa State Shoot Ribbon.
84 Sterling Medal with ribbon from an unknown gun club.
Probably an eastern gun club.F.Holt Newark, N.J. Maker
Possibly the Smith Gun Club, Bellewood Park, N.J.
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