Sporting collectibles is a broad term, which covers a number of types of collections.  This web site will cover sporting collectibles in the fields of trapshooting, pigeon shooting, duck hunting, and Ducks Unlimited memorabilia. 
Some of the items in my collection are truly unique or one-of-a-kind items.

My interest in sporting collectibles began in the late '60s in Minnesota and now I would like to share my interest and knowledge with other collectors or would be collectors.  For a new collector, the best advice I can give is to collect what you enjoy, collect items in the best condition you can afford, and verify, the integrity of the piece.

Pictures of my Personal Collection will be periodically posted. Items in my collection are not for sale. Please email for specific interests or items.

All inquires can be directly to me at my email address below.

Phone: 608 778 2244

Messages will be returned.

Pictures on this site are the sole property of Keith Buchert and can not be used without his written permission.
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